A project curated by Vittorio Storaro, three-time Academy Award winner and Master of Cinematography of international renown.
Sicily land of light.
The unique light that covers different territories of the island. A distintive feature of our estates.
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The powerful light of an island made of white and black soils.
At San Giacomo estate in Butera, grapevines grow up on snow-white soils; that’s why sunrays develop the fruits twice: from above, reaching the upper part of the plant and with the reflex from the soil up to the fruits.
On the contrary, in the hilly area at the foot of Mount Etna, the soil is black and mineral; it absorbs heat during the day and gives it back to the roots at night, giving life and energy to its unique fruits.
Vittorio Storaro, Master of Cinematography.
The greatest international interpreter of light.
Born in 1940 in Rome, in 1960, when he was only 20, he graduated from the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in the field of Film Shooting. In 1968, he made his first movie “Youth Youth”, expressing the digital footprint typical of his artistic vision.
Throughout his career, he represented light in ever innovative ways. He served as director of photography in more than 50 movies, winning three Academy Awards for “Apocalypse Now”, “Reds” and “The Last Emperor”.
The value of light
Cusumano, in collaboration with Perimetro, introduces LightLand, a project, which sees the extraordinary participation of the Master of Cinematography Vittorio Storaro, to celebrate the unique value of light in Sicily. The partnership resulted in an Open Call for photographers all around the world to tell with a shot the stunning power of light. The best shots will be selected by the Master Storaro himself and will become part of an exhibition. The proceeds will be devolved to Mario Negri Institute, a charitable foundation committed to biomedical research for public health from 1961.
Perimetro for LightLand
Perimetro is an independent organization of international talents, coming from the world of photography, illustration and video making. It stems from of strong desire to reconnect these forms of expression to the narrative of the territories and the experiences lived in them. No one could have launched the challenge to the members of its community better than them.
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